Friday, 10 January 2014

how to The domain service Is closing thet ransmission channel in Outlook

SMTP Error 221 : The server is ending the mail session – it is closing the conversation with the ISP as it has no more mail to send in this sending session. SMTP Status 221 is often misconstrued as an error condition, when it is in fact nothing of the sort. The mail server is simply telling you that it has processed everything it was given in this particular session, and it is now going back into waiting mode.

Because SMTP status 221 is often misinterpreted, with some mail servers the Network Administrators have changed the default text of SMTP Reply 221 to something more meaningful and less alarming. For example, a typical

SMTP reply 221 might say “221 Goodbye” or “221 Closing connection”, or the most irritating one we’ve seen “221 Bye”, Arrrgghh – can you blame anyone for thinking there might be a problem ? Of course not ! So some Network Administrators are these days being quite imaginative by changing the default text of SMTP reply 221 to more user friendly messages like : “221 Thank you foryour business” (I love that one!), or “221 All messages processed successfully in this session, SMTP connection is closing”.

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