Monday, 26 March 2012

I have been told not to work with you in Outlook

So typically you will get an “SMTP Error 550 571” or an “SMTP Error 550 5.7.1”. SMTP Error 571 is almost always the recipient’s server telling your sending server that “it has been told not to work with you !”.The explanation text which follows the error response

 usually does a good job of telling you why the remote server does not want to work with your server (typically it will be because your server/email-address is not whitelisted, or you are not allowed to send messages through this ISP’s SMTP server without providing authentication, relaying not permitted, or your server is on an RBL blacklist).

Typical SMTP 571 responses are : “5.5.0 SMTP; 571
Delivery not authorized, message refused” or “550 5.7.1 Mail from Ip_Address refused by blackhole” or “571 email address we do not relay” or “550 5.7.1 Relaying prohibited”.

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