Monday, 26 March 2012

how to The Functions of the Lexmark Exchange Mail Component in Outlook

The Lexmark Exchange Mail module must be used with Microsoft Outlook. It can be

used to send E-mail with/without attachments. It can use the default profile created by

Control Panel→Mail, or in Outlook itself, Create New Profile or Use Specified Profile.

The Lexmark Workflow Composer has a Script Wizard to create the script easily.

The following tips and information should be noted:

1. It is strongly suggested that you use the same user name for the Exchange server as is used for the PC. Otherwise, the Lexmark Exchange Mail module may not work properly if Outlook is closed.

2. If the Exchange Mail module only works when the Outlook client is opened, please log the Lexmark Document Server Service in as a user. In the scripts, set the profile section to Create a New Named Profile instead of the default profile.

3. The content of the From field will be displayed at the beginning of the E-mail. The sender information is always the information of the current mailbox. (The

mailbox information must be provided when creating the profile.) It cannot be

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