Tuesday, 15 January 2013

What is “SMTP Error” ?

What is “SMTP Error” ? What does it mean ? There comes a time in the life of a
Computer Consultant where, one day, he/she will have to deal with email server problems. It is inevitable. Sometimes these problems will be with the interfacing of the mail server with the ISP, in particular an inability to send mail. After checking the usual suspects such as lack of connection (your broadband line is dead), faulty router, firewall problems, DNS problems, or an incorrect SMTP server name (thanks to some clever ISP changing its SMTP server name without informing anyone – it happens!!), you will likely start delving a little deeper by checking if your email server reports any errors.

Depending on the actual problem it is encountering, your mail server may not be able to provide detailed help on how to resolve the problem, and may instead only be able to provide you with an SMTP Status Code in your server’s log (these codes are also known as SMTP

Error Codes or SMTP Reply Codes), or emails will be returned to the sender with error text. A classic reply might be, for example, “SMTP error from remote mail server after end of data - <host ip-address> : 550 Error: Message content rejected”, or “SMTP error from remote mail server after RCPT TO <email-address>, 550 5.1.1 User unknown” or “SMTP Error: Data not accepted” or “SMTP Error: The following recipients failed”. It is just for such cases that we have produced this document (we use it too !! J ). What does 550 mean ? What does 550

5.1.1 mean (or, shortened, what does 511 mean ?) ? What does “Data not accepted” mean ? What is SMTP error 553, what does it mean ? So, use this document as a quick reference to common Mail Delivery Errors, SMTP status codes or SMTP error codes for SMTP mail servers such as AA Mail Server, Alt-N MDaemon, ArGoSoft Mail Server, Axigen Mail Server, Barracuda Spam Firewall, Chilkat SMTPQ, CMail, CMailServer, E-Mail Anywhere, FTGate, GMS Mail, Internet Anywhere, Kerio MailServer

(KMS), Lotus Notes, MailEnable, Mailman, MailMax, Mailtraq, Merak Mail Server, Microsoft Exchange (Exchange Server 2003 NDR, Non-Delivery Report, error codes), Novell GroupWise, Qmail, PostCast Server, PostConf, PostFix, PowerMTA, QK (QKSoft) SMTP Server, Rockliffe MailSite, SendMail, SquirrelMail, SurgeMail, TFS Secure Message Server, VisNetic Mail Server, WinMail, Zimbra, or any other SMTP / ESMTP standards compliant e-mail MTA.

Note : the following list of SMTP reply codes can also be used to troubleshoot Eudora or FoxMail email problems, Outlook error codes, Outlook Express error codes (Windows 2000/XP), Windows Mail Error Codes (Vista), Thunderbird problems, or other email program problems when those programs send and collect emails directly to and from the Internet as opposed to through a corporate email system. The error codes returned are the same.

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