Tuesday, 15 January 2013

This is a local error with the sending server and is often followed with “Please try again later in Outlook

SMTP Error 471 : This is always a local error with your own mail server. SMTP Error 471 (or 4.7.1) is usually tagged onto a primary SMTP error code, for example “SMTP Error 450 4.7.1”, or “SMTP Error 451 4.7.1”, or Error 550 4.7.1”; example : “451 4.7.1 Greylisting in action, please come back in 00:02:00 [minutes]”. In all

the cases that we have seen SMTP Error 471 is usually caused by anti-spam or virus scanning software on your

server (the sending server) getting into problems through a bug in the software, or because of a bad automatic update from the antivirus/anti-spam manufacturer, because of lack of memory on your server, or because of hard disk problems

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