Monday, 26 March 2012

how to Flu Virus fixes Microsoft Outlook problems and Optimises Email. By JPS

Recently I was laid up by the (man)Flu virus, and had to take a few days off work.
During this time I thought it was time to take a look at my email system with a view
to tidying it up properly once and for all. Microsoft Outlook is by far the most popular
non-Web mail system but suffers from problems if good house keeping is neglected.
Here are a few notes of my problems and how I fixed them, as well as some house
keeping tips and best practice backup strategies.
I have noticed in my travels over the last 20 years we all suffer from lethargy as far as
tidying up our inbox and sent items, not to mention the fact that WE ALL DON’T
BACKUP OUR DATA REGULARLY!! These issues combined with the growing
problem of email SPAM and the fact that Microsoft Outlook database files are
inherently fragile, especially as they get larger, making this a real issue for all of us to
address seriously.

Upgrade to Microsoft Outlook 2003. Apart from the fact it is the latest useable
version of Outlook it has several benefits over previous versions. It is by far the most
stable version of MS Outlook. It has the best Junk Email Filter available in my
humble opinion. Free updates to this filter are available from Microsoft Office Update
web site.

Apply the latest patches and Junk email filters from Microsoft. Just go to the
Microsoft Office Update page at:
It will ask you to download and install a few ActiveX controls if this is the first time
you have visited this page. Just follow the instructions. If you need help with this
please email us. You can also download the latest Microsoft Junk Email Filter from the Outlook folder on our private FTP server.


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