Monday, 26 March 2012

how to Troubleshooting Outlook Configuration Problems

To troubleshoot Internet configurations, you must first establish that the
Internet connection is working properly by checking your Internet connection.

To make sure your Internet connection is working properly, log on to your
Internet connection and ping a known Internet Protocol (IP) address by
typing the following command at an MS-DOS prompt:
ping <IP address>
where <IP address> is the IP address of an Internet server.
If you can ping a known IP address successfully, basic TCP/IP connectivity is
functioning properly. Next, try to ping the Internet server using
"" instead of the IP address. At an MS-DOS prompt type the
following command:
If this works, your Domain Name Server (DNS) settings are functioning
A DNS server maintains a database for resolving host names and IP
addresses, allowing users of computers configured to query the DNS to
specify remote computers by friendly host names rather than IP addresses.
DNS domains are not the same as Windows NT networking domains.
For example, issuing the "ping" command goes to the DNS
server you specified for your Internet connection, looks up the IP address for
the site, and then pings that IP address.

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